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Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum(GRG)

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum(GRG), It is a modified fiber plaster decoration material,Using high-quality natural modified gypsum as the base material,Add high-strength alkali-resistant glass fiber and a small amount of environmentally friendly additives,Pre-casting new decorative materials made,It is widely used because of its light weight, good strength, and easy transportation& installation.

GRG Mostly used indoors or in sheltered areas,which can be fabricated in the factory into almost any shape and size. It is Class A fireproof material,The joints can be easily caulked and repaired. GRG is an economical material,It can be used in architectural applications such as ceilings, pillars, decorative wall panels, domes, sculp-tures, partitions, light troughs and more.

The surface of GRG can be painted in any color, can be made into any shape and rich effects such as hollowing out, simulation modeling, etc.

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