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Style Arts won the 2021 7th Annual Conference of International Investment,Guangzhou,China Nansha Session "Future Star" honorary award!

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Innovation LightHouse OF The Greater Bay Area,Paragon of a future city
On March 30th, sponsored by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government and undertaken by the Management Committee of Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone (Nansha Free Trade Zone): 7th Annual Conference of International Investment,Guangzhou,China Nansha Session was grandly held at the Nansha Yuexiu Sheraton Hotel

Lu Yixian, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Nansha District Party Committee, attended the event. The Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and District Mayor Dong Ke delivered a speech. District leaders including Zhang Tanjun, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, and Zhong Huaying, Chairman of the District CPPCC attended the event.

At the scene, the "Nansha Business Cloud", which integrates dynamic perception, intelligence integration, and technological support, was officially launched, and a unique light-up LightHouse was held.

This is a good start in Nansha District for the "14th Five-Year Plan" after the 2021 "Siege and Raid" key project construction swearing meeting was held earlier this month, adding new momentum to the construction of "Three Districts and One Center".

At the meeting, Dong Ke introduced Nansha's economic and social development and the results of development and construction. Based on the next century, Nansha will build strong momentum for innovation and development, and promote Nansha to become an innovation "LightHouse" in the Greater Bay Area and build a Paragon for the future city.

During the event, Nansha District awarded 19 unicorn and quasi-unicorn companies the honor of "Future Star" in Nansha District.

Style Arts won the "Future Star" honorary award issued by the conference, and it is honored to be looked forward to the development of Nansha.

Style Arts was established in 2005. After years of unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit of art, it is now a company integrating R&D, design, production, and sales, and is committed to building theme parks, theme hotels, Landscaping, and museums. A professional enterprise of architectural artistical Theming engineering.

In 2021, we will closely follow Nansha's vigorous development trend, as always, with the focus of the inheritor of ingenuity, with the responsibility of the industry leader, and move forward towards the artistic dream. For every customer in the world, we will create more artistical works that condensed thoughts and souls. , To build the most valuable brand enterprise in China's ArtistiCal architectural Field, down-to-earth, and bravely climbing the peak!

The total investment in the contracted projects of this event reached 264.8 billion yuan,covering strategic emerging industries, advanced manufacturing, port and shipping logistics, headquarters economy, financial services, urban consumption and modern agriculture, urban infrastructure construction and other fields, it fully demonstrates Nansha's vigorous development trend and convenient investment environment.

Nansha-the Pearl of the Greater Bay Area, the city of the future!