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Style Arts with unremiting efforts and persistent pursuit of art, relying on the rich experience and resources accumulated in large-scale projects, SA has undertaken more than 5,000 kinds of art projects and projects all over the world.
  • The Londoner

  • PLA Hongkong Garrison Exhibition Center

  • One 30 Hyde Park

  • Huafa Mall

  • Lisboa Palace Hotel Casino Complax Cotai, Macau

  • Beijing Universal Studios City Walk

  • Fairy tale world theme park Ocean Flower Island

  • Fairy tale world theme park Ocean Flower Island

  • A Theme Park in Shanghai


The Dome Project of The H1A Hotel of Universal Studios Beijing

Although the dome project of the H1A Hotel of Universal Studi-os Beijing is small, it is of great significance. For the H1A hotel dome project, due to the height of the dome (more than 60 me-ters), there will be a hidden danger of interference to the radar station.

Experts suggest that the design of the top structure can meet the non-metallic structure (the metal of the entire pro-ject cannot exceed 160KG), and can achieve combustion per-formance Class A and fire resistance requirements, and meet structural calculations at the same time.

Through innovative development of new material ultra-thin GRC, using BIM sys-tem to design and demonstrate ingenious structural design, it perfectly solves the difficulties of hotel dome construction: the 12-meter-long single-piece GRC productis used to perfect the shape, and FRP is used as the keel component. With many discussions, practice and support from consultants and experts, the verification was completed, which was highly recognized by the owner.


Beijing Universal Studios City Walk, GRC project of building facade. GRC material replicate bricks and cultural stone, Weathering and distressing effect, perfect gives character to theme classic buildings.


The Londoner of Macau is built by the Las Vegas Sands Group to reshape the Sands Cotai Central into a new integrated resort development project. The Londoner’s facade uses the Houses of Parliament as a blueprint. The Palace of Westminster is a classic British magnificent Gothic building.

Its appearance is majestic and magnificent, and its shape is harmonious and graceful. The top is crowned with a large number of small towers, while the walls are decorated with pointed arch windows, graceful reliefs and cornices, and inlays. The stone ornaments on the laced windows and the orderly niches on the outer walls are carved with rich and vivid sculptures of people.

Gothic architecture is a very important ar-chitectural style in the history of architecture with superb technology and high artistic quality. As the world’s largest Gothic building, the Palace of Westminster is unparalleled in its kind.

StyleArts is responsible for the design development, product production, pre-assembly and prior to delivery of the building exterior wall GRC. The project area is about 30,000 square meters. In order to achieve the perfect reproduction of classic buildings, we continue to develop and innovate in new materials and CNC engraving techniques to perfectly combine technology and artistic creation. Effective management and control of project information through the BIM system enables accurate and efficient project execution.


Huafa Mall, GRC facade project, the facade of this project is combined with a variety of simple line effects, including wavy lines, geometric blocks and so on, which is full of modern and technological sense.


For the GRC project of Guangzhou Baiyun College, our company is responsible for the in-depth design, product production and product supply of the GRC products of the school exchange center and the scientific research building. The project area is 9,000 square meters. It is a typical GRC project of curved building exterior wall.


One30 Hyde Park, is a 38-story skyscraper with a total of about 140 high-end residential apartments. Located at the heart of Sydney's central business district, Liverpool Street and Elizabeth Street, the modern minimalist architecture.

Our company was responsible for the design and production of Ultra High Performance Concrete for building facades. Combined with the architectural styling effect of the building stacking blocks, the simple lines divide the glass facade into different and orderly geometric squares, creating a dynamic and modern visual effect.


Style Arts undertook the project’s design, production (Building exterior GRC + Indoor GRG) and installation; This design involves numerous arches and ceiling curvature to express smooth aesthetic features of the interior and exterior to show the symmetrical beauty of this dignified structure.